People who make vaccines can't be sued?

That's right, in 1986 a law was passed granting total immunity to vaccine manufacturers.  There is a special vaccine court within our federal gov't. They  have paid out almost $4 billion (yes, billion) dollars to date for things like autism, seizure disorders, SIDS and many more.   

The U.S. has one of the most aggressive vaccine schedules in the developed world?

Yet, over 6 million kids have asthma.  The second leading cause of death in kids aged 5-14 years is cancer. Our infant mortality rates are over 23,000 per year, with SIDS as the 3rd leading cause. We currently have more children with autism in this country than we do active military. Still curious as to why vaccine makers can't be sued? 

We have the highest infant mortality rates of other developed nations?

 "U.S. infant mortality rates appear to be about 42 percent higher than the comparable country average. Looking into specific measures of infant mortality, it also appears that the U.S. has about 66 percent more neonatal deaths (deaths which occur less than 28 days after birth) than the comparable country average. From 2000 to 2013, neonatal deaths decreased by 13 percent in the U.S. and by 23 percent in comparable OECD countries. Measurement of perinatal mortality includes deaths that occur within one week of birth (early neonatal deaths), as well as fetal deaths of either a minimum gestational period of 28 weeks or a minimum fetal weight of 1000g."